What We Cover

Franchise Business Cover

NFIB covers a range of business interests that cater to all your business insurance
requirements. All of our covers are offered at above average amounts, which remove the concern about compensation limits.

Specifically there are four major optional sections to insure:

  • Material Loss or Damage All real and personal property (including money) of every kind and description (except as specifically excluded) belonging to the insured or for which the Insured is responsible or has assumed responsibility to insure prior to the occurrence of any loss or destruction or damage including all such property in which the Insured acquires an insurable interest during the period of insurance.
  • Interruption Gross profit, payroll, (or Gross rentals or Gross Revenue if appropriate), Additional increase in Cost of Working, Professional Fees & Claims Preparation Costs and/or as may be more fully defined in the policy wording.
  • Public / Product Liability The insured’s legal liability to third parties to pay compensation in respect of death, illness, personal injury and/or property damage occurring during the period of insurance as a result of an occurrence and happening in connection with the business.
  • Machinery Breakdown Sudden and unforeseen loss or damage to items of plant and/or machinery caused by mechanical or electrical breakdown or electronic malfunction.